Yak Wool Beanies and Neckwarmers

Hi guys I am starting an outdoor clothing brand that uses yak wool from the Tibetan Plateau. I have previously posted here, but a lot has changed since then including our name (Khullu -> Peak to Plateau). Now we have beanies and neckwarmers in stock on our website www.peaktoplateau.com Features: - 50% yak - 50% merino - 190 gsm fabric - Double layer fabric construction - Charcoal black So why yak wool? Yak wool is warmer, softer and more breathable than merino, and we sustainably source it from co-operatives that pay a fair price. I have been pretty blown away with how warm it has been, making trips to Mt Cook, Temple Basin and Tekapo and only needing one layer (190gsm) and a beanie/neckwarmer to keep me warm even with the freezing cold weather that we have had lately. The merino is there for strength and durability. If anyone is interested then use can use the discount code TRAMPERNZ on our website to get any 2 beanies or neckwarmers for $50. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. www.peaktoplateau.com Cheers Stefan
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I remember the first time this guy advertised? On here and like the idea. Still in its infancy but looks good. I hope him the best.
@waynowski "they claim to be first to market" Where/when did they say that? I've been following their kickstarter/supporter progress since they started, like others have, and nothing about their marketing or intentions seems at all suspicious or shady. It's a simple case of a start up business that is finding it's way while it develops and refines it's product. Good on them. I've ordered a beanie and neck-warmer. @$50 it's a bargain, especially compared to over-priced & over-rated Icebreaker.
its in the press kit that izogi posted a link to thats somewhere on their website... although i may be wrong, i think they are claiming to be the first merino / yak wool hybrid garment, i know there are several companies using yak wool , cant recall if any are using merino, dont have any links to hand at present...
That seems nitpicky. The claim I see in the press kit (end of page 1) is: "We are the first company to use a yak-merino blend to produce outdoor clothing, so not only do we have the advantage of being first to market and establishing ourselves in this market, but we have also developed our fabric to outperform anything that is currently on the market." Just take the products on their merits based on reviews and experience. Every outdoors brand tries to find a point of difference or an obscure label for its technology that nobody's heard of, then claims that whatever it makes and does is best and most brilliant at everything.
"we have also developed our fabric to outperform anything that is currently on the market." outperform how? what is the evidence for that claim? anyone can write a statement like that but few can back it up with the proof. if you're mixing materials whats the benefit? if yak wool is so great why not just use yak wool, its warmer than merino then its not going to be as warm when you mix it with merino... we've had this for decades with gore tex claiming all sorts of claims that didnt stack up.. ie gore tex footwear keeping your feet dry and always staying dry in their raincoats. when companies that spend millions developing products cant backup their claims, how can a startup do so>?
Everyone DOES write statements like that, though. Is there some reason to single out the Peak to Plateau guy for using the same marketing lingo as is standard in the industry? Or have we moved on now from suspicion about the company to a general critique of how marketing of outdoor products relies on convoluting information and benchmarks to the extent that it's difficult or impossible to compare products from any two manufacturers without actually trying them side-by-side or relying on someone else who has? (If so then I agree.)
it would be good if they dont fall into the trap of what everyone else does and make generic comments about being superior to everyone else, its ok, people will still buy your product if you're not the best in the market because you usually pay a fortune for the best
The product sounds promising. Wool is a great fibre. When starting a new business venture, the best thing you can do is to get your product on someone highly respected in their field who can test it. If it passes muster, then any feedback can be gold in promoting a product. The risk is of course, the tester does not give it the thumbs up. But this can be a positive thing in terms of product development. There are some well-respected trampers/alpinists on this forum who would thoroughly test beanies and neckwarmers at no cost and give an honest appraisal. Good luck with your enterprise.
I don’t know much about a Yak Merino blend? I do know that we currently have some beanies, neck warmers & balaclavas on special on our site. All products are made in New Zealand from 100% Merino Wool. Check them out: https://smartmerino.co.nz/collections/beanies
@smartmerino, hey Chris, I see you've already created your own thread. Not necessary to promote your product on others ? :-)
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