Gas cylinders

I am heading over from aus next week. We arrive at Ch Ch late at night and would like to be away early next morning. any suggestions on where I might be able to pick up some gas cylinders early?
Depends where you are going. Are you headed iunto the bush straight from the airport? Cylinders are readily available in most towns. If you are using a track transport company to get to a track, they will often pick them up for you, if asked nicely.
Murray we're heading up to Lewis Pass. Our plan is to go over 3 Tarn Pass into the Matakitaki. Any thought on where we might pick up gas on the way through?
The Kathmandu shop in Lichfield St, Christchurch opens at 9.00am as does Mountain Designs. On the way to Lewis Pass you will pass through some small towns - if they have a hunting shop you will be in luck. Rangiora and Hanmer Springs will definitely have shops that have them and are not far off your main route.
I would try Mite 10 Mega, Seen Gas cylinders in there before and I know the store opens at 7am or 7:30am weekdays depending on the store. Never tried their gas before.
The Rangiora Mitre 10 Mega opens 7:30am weekdays 8:00am Saturday 8:30am Sunday
Just a quick note to thank you for your advice. I have just arrived back in Sydney after a fantastic 4 day walk in the Lewis Pass region. I was able to pick up the gas on the way up no problems and we were walking by 10:30 having arrived in Ch ch at about 11 the night before. We had great weather and the country we visited was magnificent. I will post more details in due course but basically we stayed at Christopher Hut on day 1 then camped at Lake Thompson on day 2 then Bob's Hut on day 3 before walking out to the car at Lewis Pass via Three Tarns Pass on Sunday. A trip I'll never forget. K.
Wow, what a cool trip! And good weather as well. Please post a trip report on an article or on the forum. Would love to hear all about it.
No worries I'll post it in tracks and routes as soon as i get a chance.

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Started by kanangra
On 11 March 2009
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