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Kia ora koutou, My name is Danielle and I am seeking a like-minded tramping partner. Ideally, I'd like to meet someone who is open-minded, kind, and in my age bracket (30s). I'm keen to connect with someone who walks at a compatible pace to me (generally faster than DOC estimates) and is a similar skill level. I have done a fair bit of solo tramping in both the North and South islands, as well as Arizona, and have a basic knowledge of navigation, survival/first aid skills, snow and off track travel, etc. I'm looking to improve on these and would love to meet someone at a similar stage or slightly more advanced. My last solo overnight trip (Feb 2021) was a seven day journey up the Travers Valley to Blue Lake then down the Sabine and out (Nelson Lakes) and since then I've done a few day tramps in the Waitakeres, Coromandel and Wellington region. I'm looking to do a mixture of day trips and overnighters at the moment, and perhaps a longer trip over summer. I (unfortunately) live in Auckland and like to get out of town, especially to where there are some decent sized mountains. I'm also open to some longer day tramps in the Auckland region though. I and am pretty busy with the final year of my PhD, however tramping keeps me sane. I am my best self when out in the mountains, and I'd like to share that with someone. Please get in touch if that sounds like you.
Hey Danielle! I'm keen to get to know ya and am in the same position - looking for tramping buddies. Most of my adventures have been solo day missions but looking for friends to do more multi-day trips where it becomes a whole lot safer to be with another. By the sounds of it, we're at pretty similar fitness and experience levels. I live on the south-western shores of Lake Taupo, and am always keen to get up into the Kaimanawa Ranges, and looking to explore Kaweka, Ruahine, and others. Feel free to call or txt me! :) 0278991189
You should check out the Auckland tramping club. They have regular tramps, and you can meet people to plan your own trips. The UoA tramping club (AUTC) was also good, but I have not been involved in a long time.

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by Daniellemuskan
On 4 July 2021
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