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Hi, I'm flying into Christchurch for a wedding and looking to do a tramp after. Between the 24th Jan- 28th. Thinking about the Copland Pass or Ball Pass, Waimakariri Col, or something else.... Rune
Hi guys, My name's Dom and I'm a 21yo Environmental Science student from the UK, currently on a year abroad. I'm planning to walk the Heaphy Track from Brown Hut to Kohaihai starting on the 16th ...
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Hello everyone, i am looking for a tramping partner to go up Mt Owen with. If your keen please give me a holla. :) Here a link to the track
Hi travelers, I am looking for hiking and/or traveling company around Queenstown/Wanaka between 20-25 December. Prefer day tracks to avoid heavy packing. I will have a car available. Anyone interested? Email me :) Matilda
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Hello Anna, My name is Caitlyn, and I am located in Ontario, Canada. I am leaving Oct. 2016 to start my Te Araroa adventure and have been looking around for people who would like to join me. I'd ...
Hello Kev, My name is Caitlyn, and I am from Ontario. I will be leaving Oct. 2016 to begin my Te Araroa adventure. I am a photographer and writer who has been searching for people who would ...
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the new air force helicopters completely eclipse the old ones for size and noise...
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those walks are probably booked solid already for those nights with short notice. if they arent yet, they wil be soon at this time of year
I could do it Thursday Nov 19. And there are bunks available. But I have a flight from Queenstown Saturday so that doesn't give me any flexibility. Do you know what the conditions are like ...
try the facebook TA groups, some people walk the molesworth station road as an alternative
Just a plug for the Swift Water Awareness course eight SAR members attended over last weekend.I`ve crossed a few rivers over the years but Keith Riley(Hokitika) & Jarren really put us through our paces.(Tai Potini ...
That's classic PhilipW :) I wonder if we haven't lost something with health & safety being what it is now? Maybe a bit of that still goes on, but it's on the hush hush.
Sorry, it's Saturday 31 Oct not Sunday.
Is anyone else looking to do the Heaphy Track east to west in these dates? We are looking for a non-commercial alternative to getting a car to the end and drop off at the beginning. ...
theres a "auckland yuf faction" tramping club on facebook, mainly but not entirely young adults and teens. AUT also has a tramping club i believe, other large educational institutions could have them they should accept outsiders
Hi, Thank you so much for these, I did know about the first one, but not about the groups.. That's absolutely perfect ! Cheers
Hi, My wife (63) and I (61) want to walk the 4 day Banks Penisula Track and found they are offering a 3 for the price of 2 in November. Normal price is $295 per person, ...
@PhillipW Haha I never go light I'm the one frying up half a kg of bacon for breakfast comfort is number one priority for me
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hey guys I live in hamilton and am always willing to get out and walk the tracks message me on my facebook page if you would like ideas and any help when you are in ...
"The other trick is to combine salt and sugar together in foods, they cancel each others sickliness out, but it still over stimulates they hypothalamus and the appetite creating greater hunger, common food industry strategy to ...
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Just found a link to a good account of Te Araroa, with some good pics and info. In particular they point out the problems of getting across rivers and there's one shot of the guy ...
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Maybe they got a 4 bike one cheaper than a two bike one. Maybe a family of four takes their bikes on holidays just for a bit of a trundle. Doesn't make them cyclists. Maybe ...
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