Arahua Pack Track End of March 2023

Hi there, I'll do the Arahua Pack Track/Styx Trek again end of March 2023; this time I'd prefer not to tramp alone, that's the reason for this thread. If someone wants to join... One person only, as I'd like to go to Newton Creek Hut, it only has four bunks and I won't take a tent this time... I am mid aged and have a very good fitness; I speak also French and German... If someone is interested let me know; it's manadatory that we'll meet before... at the moment I am based near Nelson; after the 20.03 Westport/Karamea then going down to Hokitika end of March. I have a car... Cheers
All the best. You'll need to carry emergency shelter in case you have an incapacitating injury e.g. a broken leg. I recall my partner breaking a rib in the Arahura when he swung off a tree and smashed into something hard while sidling above the river.

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by SF122
On 10 March 2023
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