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It's probably more amusing than serious, but is there an inconsistency in the system time between the database and website? Until now I've never seen the forum tell me that comments will be posted in the future. Ref:
So the forum knows what you are about to say? Its a new censorship feature similar to that used on live radio
It's been happening for a while. I assumed it resulted from storing the poster's timestamp (rather than the server's timestamp) at the time of posting and subtracting from server's current timestamp. The time difference when I post something (from Aus AEST) is "in 2 hours". Quite common for me to be accused of getting ahead of myself 🤔
I think it's actually the difference between the server and your PC. I'll check it out. Cheers.
Yes that'd explain how @bernieq gets such a big difference, although I don't recall it happening last time I posted something from Australia a few years ago so maybe something's changed. It's not exactly a big thing, in any case.
Yes, Matthew, that's what I was saying. However, I noticed madpom's post (in Hut Bagging thread) shortly after mine also said "in 2 hours" - unexpected, unless he's in Aus? BTW, as I mentioned in another thread, photos are showing (with Samsung internet browser) as grey rectangles. However, on the home page, the photos there are showing normally (but go to the photographs page and they are grey).
It makes sense if the displayed time (difference) is calculated from a server-side database time of posting compared with the current time in the browser of the person viewing the forum, but without taking the time zone into account.
But my laptop is on UTC. So surely my posts should be '11 hours ago', not 'in 11 hours time' on that logic
Well, I'm hoping Matthew explains what's happening once he's fixed it (which, as has been said, isn't a big issue). When I post at 8pm my time, it's 10pm NZ time and the post time is displayed as 'in 2 hours'. Why would the local poster's time be relevant anyway? Stamp the post with server time and calculate time differences from current server time. Multiple host servers in different time zones would most likely use UTC so no issue there.
Ahhh, that was informative. Before my previous post (NZ time 1930), I set my device time to 2 hrs earlier (ie 1530 instead of 1730) and the post time was "in 4 hours" instead of "in 2 hours". BUT, it also changed other's post times! eg madpom's post was saying 'in 1 hour' but now says 'in 3 hours'. So, the local time is involved in the calculation of both the poster's post time and others post times. Pretty weird - I look forward to Matthew clarifying it !!
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Started by izogi
On 24 June 2017
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