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It's probably more amusing than serious, but is there an inconsistency in the system time between the database and website? Until now I've never seen the forum tell me that comments will be posted in the future. Ref:
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Looks to me like it's the time on the reader's PC. That 'in # hours' is not in the page source ('view page source') which just shows the date-time. So it looks as if the 'in # hours'/'# hours ago' is calculated using javascript on the client-side when you read the post. So I see everyone else posting 'in 11 hours' , as I'm on UTC. The timestamp for my posts (that shown in the page source before it gets java-magic'd into 'in 11 hours') is correct current time for NZ, so I guess the actual message timestamp is generated at the server.
Duh! I didnt think to look at the page source code - well done, madpom. ... but it begs the question - why are you on UTC?
Good detective work! The time descriptions are actually done in the browser. If your timezone is not NZ then they are incorrect. I have a fix for this ready for the next update. Basically, the time comparison just needed to be timezone-aware.
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Started by izogi
On 24 June 2017
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