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Hi, Just wondering what you have in your first aid kits. Do you start with a commercial one and then add things? I am looking at a couple I've purchased in the past: a small REI one and a larger Kathmandu one. The REI one includes antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelettes, gauze pads, various plasters, fabric tape, scissors, a fairly extensive book on outdoor first aid, and a few varied tablets. Pretty spare, but it's only intended as a day walk kit. The Kathmandu one is clearly designed for multi-day trips and contains crepe bandage, a triangular sling, scissors, tweezers, one safety pin (seems a little ridiculous), several alcohol or cleansing wipes, gloves, various plasters, non-adherant pads, an Omnistrip wound closure, and a card which doesn't look very helpful. Apparently I have added to this a few electrolyte sachets, a few varied tablets, and some Nexcare Stretchfix underwrap. So what do you take? What do you think of the MSC lists here?
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so one in the morning and no others was the reason. Add to that the fact that codeine is included in the random drug testing at work and I cant see a reason to try the stuff again
i was on strong codeine after a knee op when i had a long scar running up my leg, i was as sick as a dog, couldnt sleep witout it, but i was in a daze all day long while i was on it.... took me a long time to recover from the effects after i stopped taking it after a couple of weeks, i'd been on morphine for three days before hand.. great while i was on it, hell when they took me off it...
If you had fun getting off morphine Im suprised you were allowed codeine. Very closely related
i became pretty agro as the morphine wore off, the nurses response,,,, give me more morphine to shut me up ....
Throw some of these tweezers in your next Amazon order - they're great. Short, good gripe, precise. Great for pulling out gorse splinters, as I found on the weekend.
In my first-aid kit, I keep the following essentials for various medical needs: Nitrile gloves (pair) Trauma pad Suture-free wound closure strips fm QuickClot Neosporin Betadine swabs Sterile non-adherent dressings (various sizes) Medical tape (1" x 10 yards) Adhesive fabric bandages Moleskin (4" x 7") Ibuprofen
How heavy is that kit?
Crikey, I reckon my kit is very comprehensive and it weighs 180g. I use it all the a big cut 7" long a while back when a big sharp rock slid past. It healed beautifully with the dressing I put on it and the bandage over that. Heaps of different band aids 3xBig elastoplast dressing 7 non-stick wound dressings! Which are now reduced to 3. Melolin - maybe good for burns Little rolled up bandage Roll of leukoplast tape Leukopore tape 1 tampon (not for me BTW) Arterial pressure pads - brilliant for hot spots with the pressure pad removed Tegaderm film - great for when Frank skins the top of his scalp Mepore film - similar to above Note paper/pencil for the SAR Absorbable haemostat to stop blood loss closed cell foam donut for putting over blister to enable walk out Betadine swab aid, 2xskin prep to make dressings stick Alcohol cleaning pad 2 Aquatabs Pair plastic gloves (tiny) Gear repair patches Pink sheet containing info for SAR Meds: personal Antihistamines throat lozenges (never used) Codeine, aspirin and panadol (No NSAIDS) Antibiotics Hmm - no steristrips. I must have used them sometime!
Good list. Brings up 2 points though. First the last line shows a need to stocktake your kit. Second technically panadol and asprin are nsaids. For me though of the 3 painkillers mentioned they are the only ones that work although one of the asprin/paracetamol combos work better
Paracetamol is acetaminophen, not an NSAID. Just sayin'. Used the closed cell donut this weekend after developing a blister when sidling 2 basins to avoid a rock ridge. Gosh, it made a difference to the pain level.
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