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I see FMC is launching a new outdoors website called Wilder Life. Sounds interesting. I must say getting the latest Bulletin, well backcountry as it is now called. I'm pretty disappointed. I really don't like the new aim at more "popular modern" style of back country topics. I really liked the way the bulletin was real and raw. Exclusively for serious NZ backcountry enthusiasts. Oh well the times they are a changing.

Yes - just paid my year's subscription mainly so I could get the bulletin - was very disappointed to get that instead. Found very little of interest to read in it, more like a copy of the Wilderness - lightweight and suitable for a non-tramping armchair audience - than an FMC bulletin. I'm just hoping it's a result of their chosen topic (Te Araroa) and the real bulletin-style content will be back next issue.

Those are exactly the same thoughts I had. Looks like a mini wilderness, and I hope it was just a one off Te Araroa issue.

Has the editor changed? I suspect I've missed the last couple of Bulletins, but checked earlier today and apparently this one's on its way to me.

they used to post the bulletins online as PDf's for anyone to read, i cant find them now, some of the information from those seems to be being recycled and is slowly being added to their new wilder website, in a more modern website layout. you're going to seperate web pages for each article with more and bigger pictures than looking at one long pdf magazine that are more cumbersome to flip through online... so it seems they are looking for greater readership and acceptance on the internet..

FMC maintain a public archive of Bulletins/Backcountry PDF's using a google drive folder: Could try their website as well:

I'm sure there will be plenty of constructive feedback expressed in the next issue. I've still not had a chance to check it out but if you're a member or affiliate and have opinions then by all means let them know.

Hi I'm new to FMC Exec so will certainly be keeping an eye on this forum to see what people are thinking and wanting and will take opinions further. I totally understand any fears that the Bulletin (Backcountry) could possibly morph into a mini Wilderness mag (with all the latter's glib and glam that we yearn to have surpassed by real-deal tramping news conerns and stories.) The new title Backcountry is a good start however. I am listening. Di Hooper

I received mine today, and while there have been bulletins with articles about more diverse places, I didn't think it was overly light-weight and certainly not a Wilderness clone. Maybe some of the regular contributors were out tramping over Christmas so they can have more stories about the obscure places? Between the sporadic items there was definitely a running Te Araroa theme this issue between about pages 24 and 39, but it's not been uncommon in the past for particular Bulletins to have a running theme. Maybe that could be the spark for one or two people here to write in and comment on what they see as some of the negative aspects of Te Araroa. There was also a strong 1080 theme that FMC's clearly pushing. It included an interview with Dave Hansford (p46-49), a mention in the Book News section (p20), a review of the book (p60-61), a lengthy comment in Uncle Jacko's column (p56-58), and a letter to the editor (p12). Whatever the content of the latest Bulletin/Backcountry, I don't think FMC could be reasonably accused of being light-weight in its actual lobbying for its back-country users right now. It's been active and outspoken on several issues and, I think, getting some useful media coverage. I'm personally good with supporting FMC purely on that basis, because I find I generally agree with what it argues for. I'll happily wait for a few more issues before deciding if I think the Bulletin/Backcountry has lightened up.

Yes I really like the very active FMC at present - as you say lots of lobbying and speaking out, and doing a heap of representation.

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