Coast to Coast: Christchurch (Waikuku) to Hokitika

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Many thanks to those who gave advice, help, accommodation for this trip. The writeup is here for anyone interested.

Thanks for writing this up, I love reading your adventures. A few typos under 9/3/2017 Would the snowfield you crossed present any dangers for someone travelling in the opposite direction at that time of year? You can sometimes get your whole body in the Julia Hut hotpool. You might have to dig though, there was a spade around there once.

Tremendous effort there Madpom. Great write-up. What's planned for next year?

What a mission. Weather was pretty descent for you too.

@chriss - no, the snowfield was no issue at that time of year: gently sloping & easy. Just snow over scree - no glacial stuff. Bit of exposure from the last 150m above to Mt Harman in winter with heavy snow loading maybe, but fine in summer as the bluffs above had shed all their snow by the time I visited. @jetnz. If fitness and weather allow then next mission is Milford summit to the Glaisnock or beyond. But neither fitness nor weather were up to that this year. @gaiters - yes: just two rainy days for the two days playing on the main divide. Not quite the days you'd choose for rain & fog, but 12 good days from 14 was a pretty good tally. Thanks all for comments on typos and errors. I'm working on them.

@madpom, on the subject of typos... 26/2/2017 it mentions Otuku River. Topo says Okuku, I only noticed that because Okuku Pass and Mt Karetu are MTB routes for me.

Nice read mate. Great photos too!

Another epic, brother! Accompanied by LD?

Na. Arthurs Pass NP no go for her, sadly

Oh man that's a stink one

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Started by madpom
On 7 April 2017
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