Gunsight Pass

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Anybody crossed this pass as a loop on the Temple branches? At first glance, looks like a weekend trip if you camp at the start before setting off.
Seen it from the cirque end of the North Temple Branch. Nina Dickerhof has been over:
Thanks. So the gut above the north branch is a bit tricky I gather. I'd think it would be easier to walk up it rather than down.
Yep, easily done in a weekend. I did this trip a few months ago and really enjoyed it - one of my favourite trips this year. Will see if I can dig out my trip report. From memory it was about 6 hours over the pass to South Temple Hut (in the rain so no breaks), and 2.5 hours down the river on day 2. I'd definitely rather go up the North Branch! The gut is pretty steep and loose, but not too much of an issue heading up if you're confident on steep terrain. Good scree running heading down to the South Branch. The track down the South Branch has been washed out in many places, so quite a bit of the time is just finding your own way down the stream (some cairns in places).
Thanks Briar. Is the gut a bit sketchy? I'd probably be on my own. Sounds good.
Would say the gut is on the right side of sketchy, as long as you pick your line and are comfortable scrambling. Definitely a place you need to be careful and test all the handholds. The ground was saturated when I went up, but even so there were only a couple of sketchy moves which we could have avoided by taking a different line. The most stable route tended to be directly in the water course. This photo of Nina's gives a good indication of what the gut is like
Danilo Hegg has a shot looking straight at the gut and Gunsight Pass
Just found this set, from the viewpoint of a mountain runner:
ooooh those photos @jetnz
There was a small bivvy spot right on top of the pass which would have been neat in fine weather. Here are a couple of pics from my trip:
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