dehydrators for eggs

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The most pertinent thread has closed. My question is - "Does anybody know, does the Sunbeam dehydrator reach 80 degC, which would sort out any salmonella ?". Is salmonella in NZ eggs a concern ?. Wet-dry seems to give a better end product than cooked-dry, hence the need for an 80 degC dehydrator Gosh ! How long before Briscoes have another sale ?. Their $99 looks better than the others $119, tho Smith City will probably price match. Boiled eggs are probably significantly nicer than powdered eggs for shorter trips ?.
To which Sunbeam Dehydrator do you refer, if it is the following I wouldn't bother.
Sunbeam DT6000 temperature range is 35°C to 70°C. As a general rule of thumb most foods are dehydrated at temperatures of 130 °F, or 54 °C, although meats being made into jerky should be dehydrated at a higher temperature of 155 °F, or 68 °C, or preheated to those temperature levels, to guard against pathogens that may be in the meat. Probably easy to obtain commercially available egg powder. Honora provided a link for that quite some time back.
Got that wrong it was Hutchk
Yeah. That was in the link reference I gave from the closed thread, thanks; 25kg bag of egg whites for $600. The SunbeamDT5600 is the model Harvey Normans, Smith City & Briscoes promote. Those are certainly dog consumer reviews. I'm now thinking, since I don't really need to cook with egg powder, I may as well carry boiled eggs ?. Cheap, simple & suits my purposes.
Or you could just use your oven? @Pro-active
Egg powder would be nice for omelets (esp. cheese) and pancakes. Such a shame the ova (can't recall the exact brand, dammit) one is no longer available here. It was really good stuff.
@Honora I think the one you can't recall was called Ovaeasy Whole Egg Crystals.
Found these if anyone is interested.
@FrankB: thanks for that. Yes, that was the brand and cheers for the links. It was totally different and much nicer than any powdered egg I'd tried. Found it here posted by Marcus Milne who used it on his traverse with Janis.
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Started by Pro-active
On 2 September 2016
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