dehydrators for eggs

The most pertinent thread has closed. My question is - "Does anybody know, does the Sunbeam dehydrator reach 80 degC, which would sort out any salmonella ?". Is salmonella in NZ eggs a concern ?. Wet-dry seems to give a better end product than cooked-dry, hence the need for an 80 degC dehydrator Gosh ! How long before Briscoes have another sale ?. Their $99 looks better than the others $119, tho Smith City will probably price match. Boiled eggs are probably significantly nicer than powdered eggs for shorter trips ?.
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Thanks All, for your contributions. :) There's been some behind scenes e-mailing as well. Looks like my super dooper Breville bench-top oven will possibly do a better job, without the noise or the need to buy another gadget. That also makes cooked-dry a whole lot simpler than with a simple dehydrator. Hmm !. Left-click on the jpg brings up the image. Also - ""In the very rare instance of Salmonella poisoning, the most likely source of contamination is from the outside shell of an egg. The most recent study performed by Environmental Science and Research found none of the eggs tested had Salmonella present inside the egg, and only 1.8% had Salmonella present on the shell.""
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Started by Pro-active
On 2 September 2016
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