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around 700gm dry weight of high calorie food is an accepted standard for supplying a reasonable amount of calories for a days' tramping those packets he about 200gm in them....
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Lots of food, the last thing I ever want is to feel hungry.
To my astonishment, I once met a person who thought the one person meal was adequate. All I can think is he thought that because that's what the packet said. Most folks add a bit of extra - usually carbohydrate but one pharmacist adds 50mls of olive oil to bulk it out. The range of carbs added can be from 50g to 200g per person. Grams per person per day vary but I work on around 150g for breakfast, 200g for the evening meal, 250g for lunch and 50g for snacks for a weekend trip. For bigger trips, things get pared down considerably. Dinner gets reduced to 150g. You can bet the first thing I do when I get to a hut is find out what food is left behind by those who want to lighten their packs.
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You can knock up much lighter tastier and nutritious meals with a little thought. I live on couscous and chorizo absolutely delicious when the couscous is brewed in my spice infused stock. Invest in a dehydrator and you can add dried Vege like courgettes, pumpkin, kumara etc and it only costs a couple bucks per serve and you can have a portion as big as you need. I have a day where I dehydrate a stack of Vege and portion out little baggies of couscous, stock mix, slivered almonds and veges. Can make ten days worth of meals in one go for the price of two backcountry meals.
The trick with BCC is to add heaps more water than they say and stir very well. Nice recipe, Gaiters and for us gluten-free folk there is a very nice corn-based couscous available.
I agree that a good squirt of cooking oil to meals really helps to bulk them out. Adds a good boost of calories. Olive oil probably tastes best, but any stuff would do. Bonus when someone leaves a bottle in the hut... Just taste test it first to make sure it is not soap or mineral oil.
@Honara "The trick with BCC is to add heaps more water than they say" I know right.... If you ever make them close to the instructed amount of water they are almost inedible. You'd think they know this by now and adjust it. Not that I ever follow it, just guess an amount that looks more than they say.
lentils and coconut oil or butter
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@EvoSmith is quite correct. I've found those dehy meals dont rehydrate properly if you add the recommended water (of the ones I've tried so far). The result is sticky and still crunchy. I've given up with that brand anyway, just too salty and the additives didn't agree with me.
I can't say I have noticed it... but then I never properly measure the amount of water in the first place, if the bottom is a little dry I simply add more water, if it too wet I add more powder potato. I have had dry patches in all brands of dehydrated meals. Absolute Wilderness makes some nice ones, but BCC has a much bigger range so slightly prefer them. The Absolute Wilderness portion size could be a little larger also, so often supplement it with potato.
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On 12 May 2016
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