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I know you have very, very strict regulations on bringing kit into the country, regards cleanliness etc. I can't find anything about what we are expected to disinfect gear with. Shoes, tents, poles, everything. Travelling from UK to Tasmania first (tramping) then on to NZ from Sydney. Is a good wash aceptable (100% dirt off) or do we need more, and if so what? I'm sure advice is written somewhere, but I can't find it! Matt.
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Do you have an allergy to latex? That may be an ongoing problem.
weird, when I came back from Mongolia in 2005, I declared everything and was waved through. My mates got held up for so long, they had to catch the next plane to Chch.
Glad I read this and clicked through to the official biosecurity page! Have been trying to decide between wading sandals that have some felt in the middle of sole, and pure vibram soles. Considering felt soles are illegal anywhere in NZ, that becomes a very easy decision.
Yeah, but it's for good reason I guess. What kind of walking do you have in mind? Depending on where you're going and for how long, you may find that boots are more suited than sandals. Enjoy your visit.
Felt sole are only illegal under fish and game regulations. If you are not chasing trout/salmon then felt soles can be worn. In saying that, the reason why they are baned for trout anglers is also relevant to other outdoors users but F&G has no authority outside of their fishery and bird hunting. I take a small container of Uncle Jacks didymo killer with me when I am crossing catchments. That allows me to disinfect my footwear before crossing the Ridgeline.
It looks like there may be didymo on some of the rivers I'm looking at -- Karamea, Hurunui, Hope, Little Whanganui -- though it is hard to tell just from this map: http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/pests/didymo/where-is-it I'm going to need to find some better information, and maybe some Uncle Jack's . . . appreciate the information and suggestions! :) Sturdy asolo boots will be for walking the trails, and sandals would be for wet-wading while fishing and/or crossing streams. The big question in my mind is whether I need to carry a pair of waders, or whether one can count on wet wading conditions. When the rain is coming down and the wind is blowing, it can be very nice to have a warm layer under a pair of lightweight gore tex waders. But they are heavy, especially when wet.
If you are here during the summer months wet wading is fine. If it is only a short walk from your cars could be worth taking waders but they are heavy and bulky things to carry. The Karamea and Hurunui both have didymo in sections. Last I heard the Little Whanganui is still free. There are several rivers called the Hope, but the one which joins the Buller is still free in the upper reaches I beleive. The Buller itself is infected so it might have spread into the lower reaches.
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