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I know you have very, very strict regulations on bringing kit into the country, regards cleanliness etc. I can't find anything about what we are expected to disinfect gear with. Shoes, tents, poles, everything. Travelling from UK to Tasmania first (tramping) then on to NZ from Sydney. Is a good wash aceptable (100% dirt off) or do we need more, and if so what? I'm sure advice is written somewhere, but I can't find it! Matt.
Good wash all foriegn matter off and declare where you have been should be enough customs will inspect your gear on declaration but as long as its clean you should be fine.
I just had a look at http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/enter/personal and it just says that hiking gear needs to be cleaned. I don't have personal experience of bringing hiking gear in but I have heard they pay particular attention to tents and boots. I think if you have cleaned all traces of soil off your gear you will be OK. The main thing is to declare that you have tramping gear. Another point is to make sure that you aren't bringing any food in. They set the dog loose amongst the arriving passengers and there is an instant fine of $200 for undeclared foodstuffs.
Hi Pmcke I have the same problem when i fly to Christchurch from Brisbane customs said to me boots and tents get close inspection but what happens if you wear your boots on the plane or what about if you tramp in your runners do they get looked at. I have had my boots sprayed once in customs and you are right about declareing ALL tramping gear a must and it does not take much longer to get through customs Lindsay
You have a point. I just came back from Europe in August after wandering around amongst the hills and bell ringing cows of Switzerland in my sneakers, which were on my feet at the time. I seem to recall telling them where I had been which didn't interest them in the slightest. However I think it is a good citizen thing to do to clean the mud off your gear, no matter what country you are going into.
Hi pmcke In Feb 2008 i landed in ChCh and went through customs and everything got looked at and of course it was all realy clean,the customs lady said i wish all trampers would do this,i think NZ customs do a better job overall,Queenslanders are a bit on the lazy side in general
Your tent will be taken away and inspected, and you will lose it if it is not dirt-free, including poles and pegs. Your boots will be checked, even if you are wearing them. As long as you declare everything, you will not face penalties.
hey molehill, i brought all of my stuff over from canada after having used in it japan and nepal and it was no problem. they took everything out, inspected it all, and then gave it all a thorough wash. they washed my rugby boots too. which was good because they were in need of a good scrubbing and i couldn't have been bothered to do it. score! just declare everything. the customs people are very helpful and they're not there to make your life miserable. they are just doing what it takes to protect the ecology here. as for the dog, don't worry about some ferocious man eating sort of K9, no no no, the parade around the cutest little beagle wearing a funny customs vest. you can't help but want to give it a treat.
Many thanks all for that info, totally fine with us and now clarified; planned to take all the gear out and 100% clean it in Brisbane before we travel to NZ. But you know how it is, by the time the true facts have reached the other side of the world, via many travellers, they are so distorted we were given the impression it would be a strip search and 6 hours in a de-contamination unit!! Love Beagles, we used to have one, so we know all about their scenting abilities for food - say no more. Matt.
Oh . . . did nobody mention the strip search and decontamination showers??
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