Personal Locator Beacons

I'm considering purchasing a PLB just so I never have to think about it again and was wondering what people recommend? I don't know anything about them or their other functions (if any), the purpose of this would be to contact emergency services if I was badly hurt or unable to travel in the backcountry. Cheers.
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I can't recall how my current ACR plb came, but I'd have thought the optimal way to sell them would be with some kind of tab to pull out to activate the battery. I take it they don't do this?
My KTI is a sealed unit. From memory they have to meet certain waterproofness (is that a word? You know what I mean), so a pull tab like in a kids toy would cause issues.
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Battery expiry is on the sticker sealing the box. 10 years & 4 months from now. Unit test date on the release certificate was 6 weeks ago. I'll replace on 'due by' date. Even if the 'Test' function is still good for another 10 years, it's not something I want to gamble with. $349 delivered to my front door. :)
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Started by jmeyer
On 31 January 2020
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