Personal Locator Beacons

I'm considering purchasing a PLB just so I never have to think about it again and was wondering what people recommend? I don't know anything about them or their other functions (if any), the purpose of this would be to contact emergency services if I was badly hurt or unable to travel in the backcountry. Cheers.
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I carry a KTI PLB AND an inreach + I got my PLB first. With the 10 year battery at ~$300ish, $30 per year is great piece of mind. I got the inreach+ for the GPS and messaging (the maps aren't that great tbh, but enough to work out where you are when required). The SOS function wasn't a big consideration for me. More messaging wife at home that all is OK. I'm not sure if the inreach will still do an SOS if the battery is flat (I've run the battery flat by accident by leaving on over night etc). If for some reason had to choose one of them, I'll take the PLB.

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I'm with you on that last sentence, scottie. Just for absolute clarification for the OP, we've been discussing 2 types of device; 1. PLB - designed for 1 function - on your activation, alert SaR and provide location co-ords (for use in a life-threatening situation). All PLBs are regulated and use the same system and all meet minimum gov-specified performance re battery life, signal strength, ruggedness etc. 2. Two-way messaging devices - these are not regulated; function and capability vary from model to model, brand to brand, using different satelite systems and different frequencies. IMO, a PLB is a necessary bit of kit for any vaguely remote tramping. The others are nice to have - in addition to the PLB. With a PLB, look for battery life, weight, cost. My ACR RescueLink is approaching end of life - I'll probably replace it with a KTI.
I have a KTI It looks nice and is light to carry. Havnt tried it in anger yet though
After years of not having a PLB I begrudgingly bought a KTI about 5 years ago. Never thought I would use it,however, March 2019 on a solo tramp in central Ruahine Range I had a fall into the Waipawa river and injured my hip. Unable to walk with a pack on my back, I made the call to activate the KTI. One hour later, the rescue helicopter hovered directly above my Locator Beacon. I am truly grateful for having the KTI in my kit and it showed the real value of this product brand.
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Thanks for the clarification, I'm talking about a PLB in case something bad happens or a freak storm, life threatening situation.
register your beacon with the authorities,, they will try and ring the contact n's first if the beacon turns on to make sure its not a false alarm and gather more information @madpom inreach uses darksky for weather forecasting i havent used it enough to comment on the accuracy inreach neds a paid subscription to work
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