Price hike for Great Walks one year on

Love it or hate it, more kiwis are doing the Great Walks since the differential fees got introduced. Here's a summary from the article... # Price hike for Great Walks: More money, fewer tourists [article link]( >Increased pricing for tourists on some of the Great Walks tracks this past summer has meant far fewer tourists but an extra $2.4 million for the Department of Conservation. > >The 2018/19 season had 31 percent fewer international adult visitors to the tracks, but 37 percent more adult New Zealanders compared to the previous year. ![visitor figures]( >The trial had three objectives: >*improve access to the Great Walks for people usually resident in New Zealand >*increase the proportion of costs that are received from international users >*charge international visitors a fee that more fairly reflects the high value of the experience > >"The independent evaluation of the differential pricing trial found the trial met two of its three objectives - increasing access for New Zealand residents to the walks and international visitors contributing more towards the costs of the walks," Ms White said. > >"However, the third objective - that the fee more fairly reflected the true value of these experiences - had a more mixed response. New Zealand residents generally supported it but international visitors less so. While we want to ensure access for New Zealand residents on these walks, it's also important we listen to our international guests. Next season's results will inform how we price our experiences longer term." > >The extra $2.4m from the trial would be used to maintain the tracks so the department could focus its funding on core conservation work, she said.
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Same as for concerts - auction bookings on TradeMe or E-bay. Cuts out the scalpers & people will pay what they think they're worth.
Someone's just received an OIA response on this via FYI, where part of the question was about advice on checking the policy against the NZ Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Act. DOC says it has such advice, but is witholding it to protect Legal Professional Privilege. Seriously?
>foreigners could juset book as locals and just turn up to pick up their tickets when they are booked and say it must have been a mistake, and try and get on the track anyway pleading they had travelled so far to get there. You make the tickets looks different ... "Tourist" or "Resident" in big writing ... country of residence: New Zealand etc If they are caught they either get fined or have to head back. It's the same thing as you would experience in other parts of the world.
the problem is people claim tickets they shouldnt because nothing stops them booking them and that stops other people from getting the tickets. the bunks are no longer available...
As long as they pay for the tickets, at the time of booking, then it doesn't matter if they no-show. They are just wasting their money. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the all the great walks bookings, for the season, are available on one day? (that is, each great walk has a specific day This is the sort of strategy big business uses to get masses of people in their stores (Boxing day/Black Friday/New Years sale) I also means people fighting for tickets on that one day, might forget about it 6 months later (did they really want tickets for that weekend, or was that all that was available at the time) Why not release tickets 3 months in advance (in something like monthly blocks). Yes some people will get upset because they can't get tickets for their birthday (or a 3-day weekend), but I think now is a lot worse, where you are lucky to get close to a favoured month on the most popular tracks/times.
Great Walk bookings open FROM a set day and time and remain open until the end of the Great Walks season, the following May. The open day is staggered slightly between the different tracks, probably so DOCs servers don't overload and crash. You can still try and book a hut at any date after bookings open until they close the following year. If you have a certain date in mind and the huts all booked out, it is still worth keeping on checking back as bookings do get canceled.
Yep, there is little/no thought into releasing tickets fairly. Open the door and avoid being trampled.
um...maybe avoid the GWs?
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Yep been doing that for years. I did Milford and Routeburn out of season (back to back)because it was impossible to get a booking when I could go down, in summer But this won't solve the issue of people rushing for spots, because it's set up like a one-day sale! (like going down to Harvey Norman on boxing day)
In that respect, though, isn't the real issue that there aren't enough spots? Even if sales were staggered rather than being a one-day thing, there's still a legally binding cap on how may people are allowed to use the facilities. (Technically it's more about bunk space so perhaps it isn't legally binding if DOC were to do away with booking and say 'free for all', but right now that doesn't seem either likely nor a good idea.) Maybe a few people would forget about it, but I'd be wary of assuming that. If they do, then as many more people might think of it later, and ultimately as many miss out. It might seem as if it's easier to get a booking if they're released over a longer time, but everyone else will either be doing the same thing, or paying someone to do it for them. The two general things which might change that are influencing supply or influencing demand. Neither is easy to influence. Just because DOC opens up a new Great Walk somewhere (keeping in mind there are already several underbooked Great Walks) doesn't mean that those who visit it won't still want to walk the Milford or the Routeburn or the Keplar, or all three. They have a publicity machine surrounding them which nobody seems to have any control over.
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