Price hike for Great Walks one year on

Love it or hate it, more kiwis are doing the Great Walks since the differential fees got introduced. Here's a summary from the article... # Price hike for Great Walks: More money, fewer tourists [article link]( >Increased pricing for tourists on some of the Great Walks tracks this past summer has meant far fewer tourists but an extra $2.4 million for the Department of Conservation. > >The 2018/19 season had 31 percent fewer international adult visitors to the tracks, but 37 percent more adult New Zealanders compared to the previous year. ![visitor figures]( >The trial had three objectives: >*improve access to the Great Walks for people usually resident in New Zealand >*increase the proportion of costs that are received from international users >*charge international visitors a fee that more fairly reflects the high value of the experience > >"The independent evaluation of the differential pricing trial found the trial met two of its three objectives - increasing access for New Zealand residents to the walks and international visitors contributing more towards the costs of the walks," Ms White said. > >"However, the third objective - that the fee more fairly reflected the true value of these experiences - had a more mixed response. New Zealand residents generally supported it but international visitors less so. While we want to ensure access for New Zealand residents on these walks, it's also important we listen to our international guests. Next season's results will inform how we price our experiences longer term." > >The extra $2.4m from the trial would be used to maintain the tracks so the department could focus its funding on core conservation work, she said.
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If you want to get into the taxation argument then you should also look at what DOC gets appropriated from Government funds by Treasury. Otherwise you are simply assuming that DOC gets "a chunk" of taxpayer funds (along with every other government department/ministry etc). I can assure you that DOC gets appropriated SFA - especially when compared to many other departments (such as large sectors of central Govt funding like health, defence, education) and also considering the huge areas of land that DOC is expected to maintain, the staff it is expected to retain, and the public assets it is also expected to maintain.
Izogi - all is said is that those who pay income tax should be recognised "in some capacity", don't put words in my mouth or explain immigration to me, I emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 and have also emigrated to two other countries as well. Agree to disagree, you don't need to write a short novel.
some tourists are happy to pay because they see it as a donation to helping conservation and not just to pay for their walk on the track... and tourists aren't contributing to conservation as much as NZ residents are.. those birds you are listening to and watching in the bush, often took millions of dollars to ensure they are there at all... otherwise there would just be silence. there's endless options for tramping, no one is forcing the tourists to walk the great walks but thats where a massive no want to go and they want to book months in advance to secure their spot.. they could save a lot of money and go an endless number of other places. you'd think from online media all that existed in the way of tramping in NZ was the great walks and the te araroa trail and some day walks and a handful of other well known tracks... the same tracks get mentioned over and over... so we end up with an over popularity issue. overseas you often pay the sort of money DOC are charging here for those types of tracks...
I used to always say i would get around to doing the Milford or the Kepler when i'm old and probably in a wheelchair. It looks like i'll never do them as i won't be able to afford it on a pension.
All the stairs on the Kepler would be problematic in a wheelchair :D
There will be electric wheelchairs with 4wd tyres by then. I'd have a winch on the front.
I reckon there'll be wheelchairs that can climb stairs.
I suppose someone will have a robot that you could sit on. I wonder if authorities are ahead of people taking robots as their beasts of burden. We may need robot parks at huts (like carparks). I would fancy a humanoid robot with the traditional piggy back. I think that would surprise other walkers the most. No doubt that would require paying for two positions in the huts. OR could you just lay your robot down in the brush (like a bivvy), 500m from the trail of course.
If the ride-on robot were classified as a vehicle then I'd have thought probably not. The General Policy for National Parks (8.6) says that a National Park Management Plan should specify where the use of vehicles and any other forms of transport may be allowed. 8.6(f) also says that powered vehicles shouldn't be used in National Parks except on roads formed and maintained for vehicle use, and on specifically approved routes. So DOC would have to consult on and approve access rights for your ride-on robot. But then you look at section 2 of the National Parks Act which says a vehicle is defined the same as in the Land Transport Act, which requires it to have wheels or tracks or revolving runners on which it moves. It specifically includes hovercrafts, skateboards, in-line skates and roller skates, but explicitly doesn't include a bunch of stuff like shopping trolleys or wheelbarrows or lawnmowers or articles of furniture or rail vehicles. Robots on legs aren't mentioned. So potentially maybe you could lawfully get away with riding on the shoulders of your android, as long as it's not wearing roller skates, but given it's an "other form of transport" it might still come down to exactly what's written in the park's Management Plan.
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I can't wait till I see one of these following someone on one of the great walks:
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