Dome Shelter to be removed

From : > 13 Feb 2018: The Dome Equipment Shed is being removed from Mt Ruapehu this month as it is no longer needed to house volcano monitoring equipment. Anyone care to reminisce? Wilderness also has an article up (sub required after 3 views):

alo DOC's decision that the shelter was causing more safety issues than it was solving because they believed more people were being attracted to stay in the area because of the shelter and that by locking it , it would reduce the no of people who would potentially get into trouble, cant recall how much their thinking was around bad weather vs volcanic danger... thres still no shortage of ill equipped people to travel to the top of ruapehu, wearing little more than street wear or running gear. blazing sunshine when i was up there one march... looked nice in the photos, but there was a screaming southerly that made it freezing

My memory of Dome Shelter is that on an instruction weekend with the WTMC, our instructor had us have our lunch outside while it was snowing as he said this was a more realistic scenario in the mountains.

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Started by izogi
On 13 February 2018
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