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East Ahuriri Hut

Historic hut in eastern branch of the Ahuriri River. Renovated in 2020 with the floor flagged. 6 bunks but only 2 are serviceable without extensive effort as some wires are broken on the other sagging bunks. The fireplace is boarded ...   More ▶︎

Historic Price Flat Hut

Slab hut once used for deer culling and possibly dating to 1908. The hut is located next to the newer Price Flat Hut.   More ▶︎

Baikie Hut

Old mustering hut built in 1948 and once part of Dusky Station.   More ▶︎

Downies Hut

Historic hut on the Matakitaki River, dating back to 1902 or earlier. The hut is perhaps the second oldest in the area, and an example of pitsawn timber construction.   More ▶︎

Ōtamahua Hut

Historic hut on Ōtamahua / Quail Island near Christchurch. This hut is one of the closest huts to Christchurch city, and a good introduction for young adventurers.   More ▶︎

Rodger Inlet Historic Hut

Historic hut on the shores of Lake Monowai. A new hut is nearby.   More ▶︎
Cookies Hut

Cookies Hut

Former musterers' hut oft used by hunters. Now owned and newly renovated by DoC as of Feb 2016.   More ▶︎

Ben Avon Hut

Historic musterers' hut, constructed from corrugated iron and weatherboards around 1930. Restricted to day use only.   More ▶︎

Ross Hut

8 bunk hut in the head of Ross Creek in the Eyre Mountains. Previously listed in DOCs South Island Backcountry Huts, but now dropped from the official list. The hut, however, remains. A wonderful historic hut framed with hand-split native timber, ...   More ▶︎
Fowlers Hut

Fowlers Hut

Historic hut on Tophouse Road, St James Conservation Area. The hut is being managed as a roadside shelter, and is empty of bunks. Two rooms with an open fireplace and new toilet outside. The hut was built by the Hurunui ...   More ▶︎
Stanley Vale Hut

Stanley Vale Hut

An historic farming homestead on the Stanley Vale Run, built by Joseph Young about 1866. The hut is built of timber, mud, and horsehair, with two rooms. DOC had been managing the hut as a day shelter, and had emptied ...   More ▶︎

Telephone Hut

Historic wee windowless hut on small plot of crown land. It must have served as the phone office for about 7 nearby stations. Now on Te Araroa trail on the Braemar Rd and used by the long pathway travelers. Currently only ...   More ▶︎

Jollie Hut

Probably a shepherd's hut or outlying homestead as capacious 2 roomed former house. At some stage it has been cladded in iron over the weatherboards.   More ▶︎

Historic hut in Bush Stream (near Royal Hut).

4 bunks but a bit shabby. No mattresses but has sacks to soften the beds. Open fireplace and currently has coal and kindling unlike Royal Hut which is one and a half kilometres downstream. No need to cross Bush Stream ...   More ▶︎

Eric Bivvy

A tidy historical shelter located on Agony Island near St Winifred Hut. Currently, the hut is great for shelter especially if the Havelock River and Eric stream are up and uncrossable. A cairned track leads up to the hut from ...   More ▶︎

Tent Poles Hut

Historic iron and timber hut dating from around 1928. Tent Poles Hut was a stop on a pack track for musterers crossing Blind Saddle.   More ▶︎

Alford Hut

Pleasant woodlined musterers' hut with wooden floor and open fireplace owned by Mt Winterslow Station.   More ▶︎

Black Spur Slab Hut

Historic hut thought to date from 1928 on the Seaward Kaikoura Range. This hut is built of poplar slabs over a poplar frame, with an iron roof and chimney that replace the original canvas roof and stone chimney. The original ...   More ▶︎

Bluff Dump Hut

An historic hut no longer available for accommodation. Warden Hut is nearby. This hut is an iron musterers' hut dating from the 1920s. The hut was built by Bluff Station and used as a depot on the pack track   More ▶︎
Bonnie Jean Hut

Bonnie Jean Hut

Built in 1943, this hut near Bonnie Jean Mine is preserved as an on-site museum. It features an old tractor used to run cables transporting ore. The mine adit is also nearby and flooded with water. It is of course ...   More ▶︎

Buckler Burn Forks Hut (Delapidated)

This old miners' hut is located at the confluence of Wallers Creek with the Buckler Burn.   More ▶︎
Boozer Hut

Boozer Hut

An historic hut named for a notorious 1930s scheelite miner. The hut is clad in flattened steel drums, and contains original fittings, including coal range and bed. The hut was built at the head of Bonnie Jean Stream, but was ...   More ▶︎
McIntosh Hut (Mac's Hut)

McIntosh Hut (Mac's Hut)

Scheelite miners' hut high on Mount McIntosh, dated around 1915.   More ▶︎

Two Mile Hut

Historic stone hut with an iron roof. It is not available for overnight use.   More ▶︎

Duncan's Hut, Bullendale

A miners' hut dating from the late 1800s and apparently belonging to Robert Duncan, a Bullendale miner at the Phoenix Mine. The hut is corrugated iron over light timber, with a schist fireplace. The hut offers bunks and a bed ...   More ▶︎

Bullendale Hut

Bullendale, or The Reefs, was a goldrush town centred around the Phoenix Mine on Skippers Creek. The town sprang up in the 1860s, and had a population of 107 by 1896. When the mine closed in 1901, the town was ...   More ▶︎
Archie's Hut (Copper Creek)

Archie's Hut (Copper Creek)

Small miner's hut in the Aurum Basin beneath Mount Aurum. The hut appears to be clad in flattened iron drums. Inside, the bunks are framed with cut beech poles. Remains of a mining battery are nearby.   More ▶︎

Dynamo Red Hut

A Depression-era miners' hut, built in the 1930s of iron. The hut is located in Skippers Creek Left Branch, about 600m upstream from Dynamo Hut.   More ▶︎
Dynamo Hut

Dynamo Hut

An old musterers' hut on the site of New Zealand's first hydro power scheme. The power plant was built 1886 to drive the thirty-head stamper battery at Bullendale. The hut was built 1917 using remains from the generator shed. The ...   More ▶︎
Rooney's Cottage & Hut

Rooney's Cottage & Hut

Miners' accomodation associated with the Big River Mine. The cottage and attached "single-man's hut" are derelict.   More ▶︎
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