New Zealand has a vast number of public backcountry huts, many of which are open for public use at any time. Find out more about staying in tramping huts.

Robin Saddle Hut

Robin Saddle Hut

4 bunk hut in the Murchinson Mountains (but outside the Takehe special protected area)   More ▶︎

Thomson Hut

(Lake) Thomson Hut - on the George Sound track at the forks with the Wapiti Creek. Wood burner, tank water, creek & pool outside   More ▶︎
Tiraumea Hut

Tiraumea Hut

Tiraumea hut.   More ▶︎

Ōtamahua Hut

Historic hut on Ōtamahua / Quail Island near Christchurch. This hut is one of the closest huts to Christchurch city, and a good introduction for young adventurers.   More ▶︎
Mt Greenland Hut

Mt Greenland Hut

A 4 bunker dating back to about 1980. A previous Mt Greenland Hut built 1903 in a different location closer to the summit collapsed sometime post the mid 1970's. The current hut was built as a base for mineral prospecting ...   More ▶︎
Caroline Hut

Caroline Hut

Private, locked hut on the Ball Ridge. This hut is used by guided parties on the Ball Pass route. For the general public, the hut offers water, and toilet. There is also an emergency shelter here.   More ▶︎

Puteore Hut

Lovely little 6 bunk hut (standard) in the Whanganui region (Matemateonga Range). Track from Upper Mangahu Rd badly overgrown and easily lost without advanced navigation. Best not attempted if not familiar with area. DOC website stating Puniwhakau Track closed.   More ▶︎
Worsley Hut

Worsley Hut

12 bunk (DOC say 20 but there's only 12 mattresses and 12 places for them) hut at the mouth of the Worsley on Lake Te Anau. Popular with boaties who like to get to the 'head of the lake' for a ...   More ▶︎
Waiau Hut

Waiau Hut

New hut on the Waiau Pass Track and Te Araroa Trail. This hut was opened 27 January 2018, and constructed with the support of an anonymous donor.   More ▶︎

Little Kyeburn Huts

Two ex-musteters huts beside the Little Kyenurn River on the boundary of Oteake. The bunkroom is rough but the cookhouse was restored in 2007. No beds in the cookhouse but table & chairs and you can sling your mattress on ...   More ▶︎
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Hut categories

Great Walks Hut
Well appointed DOC hut on one of the nine Great Walks. Great Walks pass required, bookings may be required. Facilities typically include toilets, heating, water, and bunks with mattresses. Some huts will have lighting, gas cooking, and a DOC ranger.
Serviced Hut
Larger, high standard hut. Many serviced huts have a booking system and must be booked in advance. Other huts require a back country hut pass or 3 hut tickets. Mostly owned by DOC. Facilities typically include a toilet, open fire or wood burner, water supply, and bunks with mattresses.
Serviced Alpine Hut
Alpine hut owned by DOC or clubs such as NZAC. Generally no heating. Payment varies. Facilities typically include a toilet, water supply, and bunks with mattresses.
Standard Hut
Typical DOC hut. Back country hut pass / 1 hut ticket required, no bookings. Facilities typically include a toilet, open fire or wood burner, and bunks with mattresses.
Basic Hut/Bivvy
Small DOC huts of 2-6 bunks. No fees or bookings. Facilities typically include a toilet and bunks with mattresses.

In general, food and cooking equipment is not available at huts. See DOC and NZAC websites for details of pricing and booking.