Getting going safely

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An Unexpected Ascent of Mt Taylor

An Unexpected Ascent of Mt Taylor

A day trip to climb the highest peak in the Canterbury foothills.   More ▶︎

Croisilles Hill, Marborough Sounds

A day trip for our top of the topo's project from Okiwi Bay.   More ▶︎
Double Crossing of Mt Thomas into the Pinchgut Hut

Double Crossing of Mt Thomas into the Pinchgut Hut

Weekend trip in recent snow with the Okuku River running too high for people to cross it and stay at Pinchgut Hut. So guaranteed bunk space.   More ▶︎

Sandfly point to Milford

Independent travel from Sandfly point to Milford, Milford track.   More ▶︎

Online mapping links

A collection of resources to help you plan and explore.   More ▶︎

Beginners' guide to... your first time out

How to get started on your first overnight tramp.   More ▶︎

Beginners' guide to...staying safe

Key risks to be aware of in the back country, plus a few non-lethal annoyances!   More ▶︎
River Crossing 101

River Crossing 101

NZ outdoors has lots of rivers, lots of rain, and not so many bridges; so learning to cross rivers safely is a big part of enjoying tramping. No article list video or manual can ever teach what you need, you ...   More ▶︎


"The important rules are courtesy, respect and cooperation." Phillip has prepared some more in depth information on the responsible use and care of our huts. Anyone venturing beyond the great walks will want to read the wisdom collected over (?) years ...   More ▶︎
Tramping NZ - the basics

Tramping NZ - the basics

Planning your first tramping trip? There are plenty of people who will answer your questions. Here's some ideas to get you started.   More ▶︎

Beginners' guide to... Backcountry Huts

If you've never stayed in a tramping hut, walking into the wilderness on the way to a hut can feel like a leap of faith. Here's how to get started.   More ▶︎


New Zealand has strict biosecurity regulations to protect our environment. Here's what you need to know.   More ▶︎

Record your intentions

Several services are available to help you record your trip intentions.   More ▶︎
A short history of long walks in Aotearoa

A short history of long walks in Aotearoa

An interesting summary of the origins of tramping in New Zealand, and how it has become part of the Kiwi psyche.   More ▶︎
Permolat and Remote Huts

Permolat and Remote Huts

Preserving at risk huts and tracks   More ▶︎
Part Two Reading Antimodernism while tramping to Koropuku Hut/Big Tops Hut….

Part Two Reading Antimodernism while tramping to Koropuku Hut/Big Tops Hut….

An examination into the National psyche, the ENVIRONMENT, that like the Grass in Lloyd Jones' Novel Mr Pip, has "Far too much to say"....   More ▶︎

Free summer tramps

Check out the summer tramps offered by They are free, with everyone dubbing in for petrol. Try ther classic Kaweka-Kaimanawa week-long crossing in Feb. Or go down that O.P.C. Mangatepopo Str in January. Or the classic Rangihau Str in ...   More ▶︎

Bus for less fuss

I mention advantages of a bus for tramping/hiking.   More ▶︎

Track grades

A summary of the grading system for track and route difficulty used on this site. Please note that these gradings are under review at present and may be modified slightly.   More ▶︎

Understanding New Zealand coordinate systems

A beginner's guide to the different coordinate systems in use in New Zealand.   More ▶︎

Gourmet Tramping in New Zealand

A book recently available for the Backcountry Comfort Seeker   More ▶︎

Clubs for younger trampers

I describe ongoing efforts by an Auckland club to meet the needs of younger trampers.   More ▶︎

Walking/hunting with dogs: the risk of poisons

A summary of poisons used in NZ and their risk to dogs.   More ▶︎

Useful links

Links to some other websites useful to trampers   More ▶︎

Weather forecasts

Links to mountain weather forecasts for all of New Zealand   More ▶︎

Beginners' guide to... Visiting New Zealand

Coming hiking in New Zealand? Here's some basic local information to get you started.   More ▶︎

Walking with dogs

A collection of ideas for places to walk with your dog.   More ▶︎


Maps: What to look for and where to get 'em!   More ▶︎

Tramping in New Zealand: The Basics

This page will help to answer your most basic questions about tramping in New Zealand   More ▶︎

National parks

National parks are established to preserve natural and historic features in a near original state, while facilitating recreational activities such as tramping, walking, skiing, climbing, caving and kayaking. Mountain bikes are not permitted within national parks.   More ▶︎
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