Here's the information various members have provided about walking with dogs. If you have any good ideas to share or any corrections to this information send them in to .

  • Dogs are not generally allowed in national parks. Hunting dogs require a permit. Guide dogs, police dogs, customs dogs, and search and rescue dogs are all allowed without a permit.
  • Dogs are allowed in some forest parks. They are allowed in Craigieburn and Hanmer Forest Parks  but must be kept on a leash at all times. They are not allowed in Lake Sumner Forest Park as kiwi are present in the area. Members also take dogs into and recommend Mount Richmond Forest Park near Nelson and Tararua Forest Park near Wellington.
  • Dogs should not be taken to any area where kiwi are found. Dogs are a serious threat to the ground-dwelling kiwi and weka.
  • Watch for signs indicating that poison has been laid in the area. Consumption of a poisoned possum carcass could be fatal.
  1. Seaview Motel Camp, North Taranaki. There is 5 kms of beach between Mokau and Awakino river mouths, so you can walk 10kms per day and your dog can swim in two rivers.
  2. TeWera Valley Lodge Camp, East Taranaki allows dogs and you can walk the vehicle tracks through pine trees with your dog (the risk of 1080 here is yours.
  3. I didn't take mine but was with a lady who took her dog on the Sunrise and Yeoman Tracks, Ruahines (Waipukurau side)

One weekend some 2 years ago, I decided to walk the Cass/Lagoon Saddle Walk in the Craigieburn Forest Park and at the last minute decided to take a canine companion -Jazz, a 4 year old Jack Russll. After hitching a lift back to the track start near Cass, we enjoyed a long but rewarding 6 hour walk to the Hamilton Hut where we stayed the night. Jazz well spent, slept the night under the Hut (tied up) without disturbing the non-canine beings in the Hut.The following day we walked out through to Bealey, where we were relieved to find the car still in one piece. All and all this was a most enjoyable experience, and it reinforced my belief in dogs being man's best friend and never underestimate a dog's tenacity (no matter what size!).

I believe you can take a dog into most Forest parks  - if your allowed to pig hunt, your allowed to take a dog is the general rule of thumb I've been led to believe.  I have taken my dog into the Ruahines with the permission of DOC ( Sunrise Hut).  It is advisable to phone DOC before you go tho to check if there aren't any restrictions.  I went tramping in the Kaimanawas, Thunderbolt and was quite perturbed to find the DOC sign prohibiting dogs on the route's exit, with no warning whatsoever on the entry.  Luckily I had left Mel at home that weekend.

DOC issue a notice which is updated regularly saying where dogs are allowed "off-leash".  This should be available from your nearest ao.  this piece of information came from the guru in the Map and Track shop in Fenton Street Rotorua.  I highly recommend phoning the proprietor as he is an ex land and surveys guy and there isn't much he doesn't know about walking places in the central north island.

Dog Walks: Dogs are allowed in Lake Roetoehu forest (Rotorua). There are some lovely walks but you will need a permit from FCF just in case your walk takes you into the commercial forst ops. A nice dog walk is on the beach starting at Pukehina and heading South.  The beach is mainly deserted and it is a pleasant walk on a sunny day.

I take my dog tramping in the Karangahake Gorge - it's legitimate.  (Gorge on the way to Waihi).