Some advantages of going weekend tramping with a bus with sleeping  space: 

(1) Much less fuss to organise than a car trip.

(2) Much less fuss to participate in than a car trip.

(3) You get to sleep on Friday night while you travel to the tramp, and on the way home.

(4) You can do a much greater range of tramps with a bus, because the driver can drive from about 7pm Friday until 3 am, and you get from Auckland to the Ruahine Range for the Saturday morning.

(5) Much safer road travel, as the bus driver has to be rested, and buses are bigger than cars..

(6) No damage to your car on bad roads and tracks.

(7) More social as there are 10 to 20 others lounging around.

(8) You can do trips A to B, and get picked up without a car shuttle.

(9) If you want a small tramping party you can still have one.