Te Urewera

Lake Waikaremoana Track
Lake Waikaremoana Track
Track 3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
"The Lake Track." Busy track in summer with swimming and fishing along the lake-side.
A 5 day loop in the Ureweras
A 5 day loop in the Ureweras
Track 5 – 7 days. Medium. Loop track.
Wet rocky streams, long hauls over bush ridges on overgrown tracks, not much in the way of open tops. It isn't everyone's cup of tea but there are lots of good huts and the wilderness of the "great...
Manuoha - Waikareiti Circut
Manuoha - Waikareiti Circut
Track 3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track with a road section.
A three day circut in Urewera National Park. Mt Manuoha is the highest point in the Park and offers great views, especially at sunrise. You can stay in the small hut near the summit of Manuoha or c...
Waihua - Saddle Biv - Apiti Hut Trip
Waihua - Saddle Biv - Apiti Hut Trip
Track 3 – 4 days. Medium. One way.
A really interesting trip in the Ureweras. The Waihua - Saddle section of this is untracked, the river providing good access but you have to make sure you go up the right branches. The rest is a...
A Whirinaki crossing - Waikaremoana Road Summit to Rangitaiki Tavern
Track 6 – 10 days. Medium. One way.
Majestic podocarp forest - straight-turnked trees, reaching for the sky, bearded in epiphytes, the forest floor below covered in a lush understory of green fern. The constant melody of birdsong. ...
Lake Waikareiti
Track 2 days. Easy. Return via same track.
A pleasant overnight trip with boats available for hire on the lake.
A Waioeka - Urewera crossing: Redpaths Road to SH38
Track 4 – 7 days. Medium. One way.
Continuing my traverse of the North Island's Main Range, this trip crosses the Waioeka Conservation and (former) Urewera National Park, shadowing the main divide between SH2 and SH38. This trip ...
Mangamako - Casino Biv - Waihua
Mangamako - Casino Biv - Waihua
Track 2 – 3 days. Medium. Loop track with a road section.
The Ureweras by the Ikiwhenua Range near Galatea are good tramping country but rarely visited by trampers. The country is similar to the Whirinaki. The tracks are well marked and the huts well main...
Moerangi Circut
Moerangi Circut
Track 2 – 3 days. Easy. One way.
Promoted as a mountain bike track, this is also a popular tramping track. The track is very new, well graded, easy and suitable for trampers of all ages in virtually any weather.
Mt Hikurangi, the one near Galatea
Mt Hikurangi, the one near Galatea
Track 1 day. Easy/medium. Return via same track.
This is a satisfying day trip from Galatea. The track hasn’t had much maintenance and is over grown and the pad on the ground has faded away pretty much. However there are still markers so it is ea...

Track grades

Unusually smooth, well-marked track, easy gradients. Up to about 4 hours per day.
Typical lowland track. Generally easy walking and well marked. Ascents of up to 1000m. Some easy river crossings, unmarked travel along rivers.
Typical tops track. Experienced trampers only. Rough, muddy and poorly marked or unmarked. Ascents of up to 2000m. River crossings, open tops, passes. Up to about 8 hours per day.
Navigation and snow skills (use of ice axe and crampons) required. Glaciers, exposure to falls.
Rough or non-existent tracks. Following ridges, bush spurs, and rivers. Steep ascents, arduous travel, hazardous conditions, snow and navigation skills essential.