Cave Stream

Pro-active Pro-active 19 Jan 2014
Comfortable in synthetic T-shirt, light merino jersey & nylon parka or 2nd T. Shorts over Long Johns. Light tramping boots or runners. Sometimes need to have 2 hands free. Deepest part is entry pool at first bend. Only squeeze is the final ledge at the exit, which is in daylight, & has chain to hang on to.
matthew matthew 18 Jan 2014
Saw fish in the exit, several spiders, and a lost dobsonfly.
JETNZ JETNZ 1 Jan 2013
lx_op 16 Jan 2012
lisa_puddles lisa_puddles 1 Mar 2010
kieranpalmer kieranpalmer 1 Jan 2009
nalbers nalbers 1 Jan 1985