Cave Stream

  • 1 hr one way (about 5 mins walk from end to end)
  • Medium

An exciting walk through a twisty limestone cave near Castle Hill.

Cave Stream outlet. • By matthew.
Cave Stream: Key information
Walking time
1 hr
One way (about 5 mins walk from end to end)
One way (about 5 mins walk from end to end)
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Cave Stream: Find it
SH73 north of Castle Hill
640m – 650m
Altitude change 10m

This trip is suitable for people who haven't been caving before and supervised children. You will need individual torches (headlamps are good but don't pick out as much detail as a strong torch), clothing that remains warm when wet such as synthetic thermals or a wetsuit. Take a fleece too -- remember, you are wet for about an hour and it's cool underground. Tramping boots are a good idea as the floor is riverbed and rough. Finally, take a thick towel and change of clothes.

Inside the Cave Stream cave. • By matthew.

This cave is very dangerous when it is raining in the mountains as it can flood quickly. In spring, a lot of water flows through the stream, making it a little more challenging.

The cave is generally walked in an upstream direction starting at the large, round lower portal. It begins with a waist-deep wade and continues along a very windy passage, past some deep pools and small waterfalls. There is only one passage so no chance of becoming lost. The upper end of the passage has a major waterfall. Here, a rung ladder climbs the cave wall to a small shelf that you edge along to the exit. This is the trickiest section. Children should be carefully supervised here.

If you feel claustrophobic, it's still worthwhile to visit the two portals, and then you may like to head to nearby Castle Hill to explore the limestone outcrops.

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