Howletts Hut

Pageix 5 Feb 2018
Briar Briar 24 Oct 2015 Stayed here before going along Sawtooth Ridge and down to Daphne Hut. We were in cloud all the way, so when the weather cleared at sunset we were astonished by the view.
reidpaulnz reidpaulnz 31 Jul 2014 Visited as a circular winter day trip from Daphne Hut via Daphne Spur. Returned via Daphne Ridge, over Taumatataua, thru the saddle & down the bush spur over pt. 1271. Many thanks to Heretaunga Tramping Club.
TararuaHunter 12 Dec 2013 Stayed 3 nights hunting, excellent hut, provided by Heretaunga tramping club. Funded by club members and donations. Coal supplied!
madpom madpom 17 Nov 2012
bigpaul bigpaul 9 Dec 2011
pmcke pmcke 5 Jun 2011
Gpsboy2 Gpsboy2 26 Jun 2009
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