Rahui being urged for Waitakere Range

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It wiil probably have to happen.I was in Auckland recently and at one of the cleaning stations there were tracks going around it.All it takes is a minute of their time,selfish p****s,we need to save these magnificent trees.
pigs will spread it anyway. its too accessible to too many people the other thing is there is a bird sanctuary there that relies on extensive pest trapping to ensure the survival of rare native birds, are you going to ban them from going into the park and undo all the work they've done to date to increase the native bird population? its too accessible to too many people. just as people are ignore the cleaning stations and walk around them, they are about as likely to ignore any Rahui and keep going into the park, because they don't care at all about what happens to the trees or they'd make the effort to clean tgheir footwear, everything you need to do so has been provided to make it as easy as possible to clean your footwear and people are too lazy to be bothered taking advantage of that... the waitakeres is a lost cause for Kauri...
aparently the Iwi are putting a Rahui on the waitaker ranges on saturday 2 December. council are deciding whether to officially close the park
They may cause the conscientious to stay out, the moronic riff raff will still do what they do without any concern for anything. They can try and shut access down but as Waynowski said, "waitakeres is a lost cause for Kauri", a sad indictment, but very true.
estimates of 80% of people entering the park dont use the footwear cleaning stations and vandalisation and stealing of the stations http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2017/12/auckland-council-resistant-to-iwi-s-rahui-on-waitakere-ranges.html
How many practical entry points are there?
somewhere over 30
Here's the new list of closures. Permanently closed: - Robinson Ridge - Walker Kauri - Taumata - Lucy Cranwell - La Trobe - Nugget - Bob Gordon - Nihotupu Ridge - Summit (lower section) Temporary closures: - Goodfellow - East Tunnel Mouth - Filter - Ferndown - Andersons - Hillary Trail Swanson link - Christies - Pukematekeo - Quarry (Partial) - Twin Peaks - Upper Huia Dam - Wainamu Bush - Zion Ridge
Too late, they've been closing tracks for years and it hasnt made much difference,, too many people go into the park, only a small percentage need to flout the rules, and it will spread, as it is around 80% of people dont clean their shoes at the footwear sterilisation and cleaning stations. the waitakeres is going to be a lost cause for the Kauri. you cant come within 10 metres of a mature kauri or you're walking over the roots
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Started by waynowski
On 15 November 2017
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