Sock Liners

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Anyone know of any thin/cheap polyester or nylon sock liners? They all seem to be Merino blends now (which I dislike wool directly on my body) and north of 20 bucks. I'm tempted to just use business socks.

kathmandu were doing them, you need to make sure htey are smooth on the inside at least

only 24 buck Merino ones online

Found some at Macpac for 12 bucks Might go there and check it out this weekend

Bridgedale make a really good coolmax sock liner. 2 pairs for $22 at the moment. I've had mine for at least a decade and only now getting tiny holes around the toes from my darned toenails...

Wigwam is the brand of a synthetic liner sock (including coolmax $8) that i once sold and used. Nowadays i use Bridgedale exclusively. They are by far the best sock makers in the world. Irish originally i think and date back to WW1.

coolmax is polyester

Yes but the other option is polypropylene. It was less expensive but doesn't hold shape as long.

does anyone stock bridgedale in nz?

@chriss: But google is your friend. My partner Frank bought his in a local shop. I've never bought any of my Bridgedale socks. I've got them all from tramping huts where people have left them behind.

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On 27 October 2017
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