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Hey everyone, Just to let you know I’m working on a top-to-bottom rebuild of the forums. Key features: * new visual design * fully responsive — i.e. proper styling for mobile devices * icon responses to posts — sometimes a thumbs up from s all you want to say * retain other existing features This will be a better platform for future work. Is there anything else you’d like to see?
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Thanks Matthew. The examples I've looked at are fixed.
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Matthew, the home page is behaving strangely (last couple of days) - the menu bar places itself off to the right, sometimes so far that none of it is visible (unless I scroll the page left). Tapping 'New Zealand Tramper' brings the menu bar back in place (rather than reload the home page as is usual). Haven't tested on a PC yet but same is occurring on two Android devices in both Chrome and Samsung browsers.
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Started by Matthew
On 7 October 2017
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