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Hey everyone, Just to let you know I’m working on a top-to-bottom rebuild of the forums. Key features: * new visual design * fully responsive — i.e. proper styling for mobile devices * icon responses to posts — sometimes a thumbs up from s all you want to say * retain other existing features This will be a better platform for future work. Is there anything else you’d like to see?
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While we're on photos ..... What's the sort order in the photo search results? The order seems to be random - certainly not chronological nor alphabetical. Quite a few (of my) photos in the search list don't have small thumbnails (and a few don't have large thumbnails) but do display when drilling down to the full photo. Every minute or so, when looking at the photo search results overlay, the overlay disappears for less that a second, effectively flashing the underlying Photographs page - is that intentional?
Hi Bernie, I *think* the photo thumbnail thing is caused by the size of your photo. At some stage the site was changed meaning photos with bigger then 1280 pixels cause problems. They seem to upload ok but not display properly. Try editing the photo and reuploading at a smaller size.
I second Glenn's comments. I have to locate my articles by using Google. cheers, Honora
Thanks Yarmoss - so, intending to reload an offending pic, I pulled up the photo list again and .... all the photos now have thumbnails !? and a couple, at least, that didn't have the large thumbnail now do.
Today all my photo contributions appear to be available again using advanced search. I'm glad that functionality has been restored. Ta Matthew.
Hi everyone, thanks for flagging your concerns. My focus area at the moment is forums. After that, I will work on ensuring you can find your own things easily, addressing all the concerns above. It’s great to hear them. Forums is a big change and will take a couple more weeks.
all good, its always worth the wait for the improvements. glitches are par for the course. an impressive amount of work has gone into this website, its come a long way...
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Hey everybody, Just an update on this as I've been quiet for awhile. Actually, my computer died so I lost about a month getting it replaced and getting a development environment going again. Back up to speed now -- more efficient actually as I'm working on a more powerful machine. The forums work is close to release [I'm using it right now], with the first update next week, and another update a couple weeks later. Formatting of posts will be available using "markdown" syntax. I will include a little reference card with the basics of that. It's pretty easy. I have also noted your other concerns above about findability of additions. I just need to get this landed first. Thanks for your patience.
Matthew I note that internal links in old tracks/articles to other content on this site no longer work. E.g. older links which do not work seem to look like: But the simpler form does work: Are you able to either get these old links working or if not search & replace all instances of the old link format in content on the site?
Thanks @madpom I think that's fixed. Take a look.
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Started by Matthew
On 7 October 2017
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