carribee packs?

Hi ya, has anyone got any opinions about these 80litre packs sold by rebel sports ? They are quite cheap and the reviews Ive seen mainly from aussie say good things. For me its going to be a larger capacity pack to assist the distribution of gear with my young kids on tramps. What i mostly need to know is whether they would reasonably last without breaking zips ,fasteners etc. And the comfort value with about 15-18 kg in it. Cheers

2 kilos is light for a pack that size, wont be the most robust pack out there. shouldnt fall apart in a hurry as long as you're not bush bashing with it, see what the warranty is on it...

Comfort would be getting the right fit/size to match yourself, venting between the pack & your back, & how comfy the straps are. Should be sitting on your hips, firstly, to carry most of the weight. Then you adjust the shoulder straps, mostly for stability purposes. Might pay to stuff some stuff in it to try before you buy ?.

Check out the stitching. A friend of mine bought a Carribee, some year ago, and some of the stitching came loose around the straps. My friend did overload his pack, but so did I. It did feel cheaper than my Macpac, but I wouldn't call it shoddy ... just lightweight.

Thanks everyone, really good advice. I haven't yet tried one on but if it fits I will get one. The price and capacity is ideal for me. $150 ish now. I shouldn't be overloading it I hope as it will mainly be kids clothes in with my stuff, tent etc for walks on average 3 to 4 days. BTW I bought some great actual backpacks /not school bags or adult day packs , for my kids. Tatonka make them. Really comfy proper start out packs for 5 to 9? year olds. My kids have had them for a couple of years now and love them.

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Started by brettwalk
On 22 September 2017
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