Ruapehu RTM

Does anyone have an idea what sort of snow conditions we can expect [on the] around ruapehu [track] at the moment. Doc whakapapa said there had been quite a bit of snow in the last storm cycle, but the snow was in general thin on the ground when i was there in late august. Above 1600m or thereabouts.

No snow in last 72 hrs, last fall 2 cm 16 Sept. Whakapapa snow base 227 cms Turoa snow base 200 cms

I was on Ruapehu doing a snow school this weekend, 3 days of white out and icy rain, but plenty of snow around 2000 meters. Patches of snow were visible on the road to Iwikau village from about 1500 meters, but it might have melted since we went up on Friday morning, as the weather has been quite warm. The snow was soft and slushy in the arvo but the rain left a thin layer of ice on top in the morning, but this will probably be different by the time you get there. Except for Rangipo desert, the track is usually below 1500 or even 1400 meters so it shouldn't be too bad I think, but can't really say as I didn't check all of it ;)

Was also on the mountain last weekend. Not much in the way of snow fall till Sunday night then it started and didn't stop before we went home on Monday afternoon. Was snowing down as low as the Chateau. Don't think much of this has melted off yet but a bit of warm rain would take all the low stuff out very quickly. Seems to be very changable weather this spring and I haven't found the forecasts to be that accurate.

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Started by zoneblue
On 19 September 2017
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