Getting to pinnacles with current track closures

I want to hike the pinnacles in the coromandel at some point but as many of you will know there are a lot of track/camp closures. At this stage my plan would be to walk from Thames to Crosbies and camp there. The next day I'd head up to moss creek campsite and crash there for the night. Then walk up to the pinnacles and down the billygoat track and back to Crosbies. Then walk out to Thames. With the combination of moss creek track and the long distances on day 3 this is probably a pretty hefty walk. But at this stage I'm just wondering if this route (or similar) would be doable with the current track closures.

Kauaeranga Valley Road closed past the Visitor Centre. This road will remain closed past the Visitor Centre until Thursday 19 October. This is to allow extensive repairs and river works to be carried out. Bookings for the Kauaeranga Campsites and Pinnacles Hut are open from Thursday 19 October. Reviewed 30 August 2017. It seems the road beyond the visitor centre is still closed, and the advisory on doc site claims the bridge at end of billy goat track has been removed due to flood damage. Therefore you have to wade the river if exiting at that point. Not a great scheme if there is rain. Webb creek track to pinnacles open but hut is closed until 19th October, camp site would still be usable as long as it hasn't been washed out. That would make an entry from Moss creek possible.

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Started by Slash5331
On 9 September 2017
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