Montana Heritage Trail

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Hi There! I love hiking and tramping. Its time to get the kiddos into it as well. I was taking a look at a pretty long trail that we can maybe stop along the route for an overnight camp? Can anyone let me know if there are any sites along the Montana trail that we can pitch a small tent on? Or alternatively a nice overnight hike somewhere close to Auckland? Thanks!

hillary trail

Camping is only allowed at official campsites within the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. The closest campsite to the Montana Trail / Kauri Cascades is Pae-O-Te-Rangi off Whatitiri Track,174.504261&z=15&pin=1&lbl=Pae%20o%20Te%20Rangi%20Campground Have a look at the Pararaha Campground as there's a couple of loops you can do from Karekare.

'Mobtana' heritage trail???! At 1st glance I thought this topic was about US tramping! Talk about commercialusation of the backcountry. What next? The Realjourneys Milford Track? The everready Te Araroa? The speights coast to coast? Oh. We already have that one.

um I don't think the waitakeres quite qualify as back country :)

Compared to lower queen street it does but then again so does Fort Street. I had to look the track up. 8km long estimated 4 hrs and 36 meters of ascent makes it an epic trail. I think I might take lunch and a thermos instead of a tent.

You could walk from Whatipu to Karekare, along the beach and back along the top. There are campsites at Whatipu, Pararaha Valley, Tunnel Point, and (I think) Karekare. It's a spectacular area. You could also camp at Karamatura Stream and do day walks from there.

no campsite at Karekare,

Thanks for all the replies. Allow me to explain further. I will be hiking with a 5 year old and a 7 year old. So i am looking for a 8-10km fairly easy to moderate hike as i dont want to scare them off. Sure, most of you will do that in a day with a picnic and a thermos, but when you hike with a 5 year old, going up the driveway can take a lifetime. The reason for the overnight is simple. Its fun. No phones or TVs just me and my kids in a tent playing cards and chatting. I dont really care if its the worlds best and most scenic hike, just as long as its not boring and is fun for the kids. I will take a look at some of the links posted. Thanks again.

cherry pick part of the hillary trail... it goes through the campsites. theres not many camp sites around the waitakeres and its not legal to camp outside them on the tracks.

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