A couple of questions about track to Pinchgut Hut

I was looking for an easy winter tramp (as I am a fisher rather than a tramper). Anyway, had a look on the DOC site and it looks says "easy walk from road end" but then the difficulty is "advanced". Pretty conflicting info. I have been along the track until it vies away from the river, then it looks to become way more difficult. Next question, is there a stream to get water from there, or is it a roof tank thingamee? Any info much appreciated.

Stream water at hut. Easy walk with 1 big creek crossing at the roadend and 1 decent climb on a good track after crossing Whare Creek. Trip report here, day 2, near the end of the day: tramper.nz/16357/coast-to-coast-christch..

DoC changed the classification because there is a 60cm wide hole on one section of the track where there is also a drop if you lost your footing there. So until the track is rerouted around that hole the difficulty of the track has increased a wee bit.

Honora - lol, "interesting" madpom - A good read, mate. My feet grew imaginary blisters reading it! I like to write too, and the first thing I noticed is that you didn't mention your companion once. Maybe it was "Wilson?" :P I feel pretty soft and all my angling endeavours are totally insignificant compared to this. lol As for the Te Araroa, I had no idea it is that busy. I guess people choose it for ego-related reasons, as it's a well known track. Btw, the Styx river is a beautiful one aye?

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Started by contour_lines_are_the_enemy
On 30 June 2017
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