What's this hut on Mckellar Saddle, Caples track?

https://goo.gl/maps/B35oRbip2h82 I can't find any information about this hut, high up on McKellar Saddle. Is it a private DOC hut or something? It's well off the track and not visible from the track I seem to remember when I was last there. Maybe a future site for a luxury lodge when DOC makes the Caples a Great Walk? Since they gave Upper Caples hut to the Deerstalkers. I'm just curious. Cheers all.

its pretty small. bear in mind the photos are often years old, could have been a hut for workers who were upgrading the track a few years ago...

Hum, can't remember seeing anything on that side of the track, but the weather was bad. Never heard of it either. Better satellite picture: http://i.kd2.org/i/62/7bfnR9XMe.McKellar-Saddle-hut.png

I think DOC put in a couple of small huts for their track workers when they were working on the track through there. There's a lot of boardwalk over the top and a lot of benched sidle track either side of McKellar Saddle that would have taken a few people quite a while to get done. There's another small one further down the Caples (but above upper Caples Hut). I spoke to the warden at Mid Caples after seeing the hut in the Upper Caples and wondering who's it was. Pretty sure they're locked. Think this is the other one in the Upper Caples I saw coming through in late April: https://www.google.com/maps/@-44.8344218,168.195054,286m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Thanks for the replies. I agree it must be small huts to do with all the track work they've been doing up there. Cheers

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Started by James the Giant
On 20 May 2017
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