Garston ski hut

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Anyone know if there`s a fire /woodburner at Garston Ski Hut. Working out of thee for a few days and keen to know if its worth taking firewood. Answers by tuesday 8am or will be too late!

To answer my own question. Yes there is a woodburner at Garston Ski Hut. (And mobile coverage!). Now, if only I'd brought some wood ....

Ah well its not cold yet I mean not very cold

Not that cold?!

I googled for a pic of the hut, but didn't get anything like that. Plainly has a chimney. Good thing you PLB'd and got room service. ;)

Uninsulated huts are bloody miserable without heating in the winter. One time I stayed in a hut on the Old Woman Range which had a range but no fuel. That night I dreamed I climbed up into the attic and found fuel. In the morning I related my dream to my mate who did this and found kerosene to run a heater in the hut with. Nice. A few years ago we did the Hump Ridge in June - no heating in the winter season. And then we went to the Tautuku Biv (The Clears) - same again. Bloody miserable with snow on the ground.

I stayed in Heather Jock hut with about half a metre snow on the ground. Cup of water by my bed froze solid overnight. Magic spot, but I don't think I got much sleep.

Don't have to go bush for that. Had that happen in the Moa Creek Hotel. And my boots froze solid by my bed too.

i hate it when your boots freeze to the ground..

The worst is when your socks freeze into the toes of your boots. Having to lever feet out of socks & boots at the same time and then pour hot water in to get your socks back out!

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Started by madpom
On 1 May 2017
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