Lake Quill

Can someone tell me if it's accessible?

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There's a route there from Mackinnon Pass described in Moirs Guide South.

Must get Moirs out and check that out as having been over MacKinnon last week it didn't look simple with Mt Hart in the way. Young Mr Quill who the lake is named after climbed up beside the Sutherland Falls (3 times).

'Young Mr Quill' was a fairly keen and brave fellow. I believe his bones lie somewhere below the western side of Gertrude Saddle.

From a book I got through Freecycle referring to Quill's climb of the falls : "Quill had to be a human fly to inch his way 1,094 feet up the rock walls". "On 15 January, 1891 Billy Quill set out to attempta passage of the Gertrude Saddle which like the Homer, lies between the Cleddau and the Upper Hollyford. Tragically, he slipped over a precipice ot his death on the Milford side of the saddle." This is from a book named "Fiordland", written in 1966 by a chap called Jack McClenaghan. Interesting find.

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Started by roysta
On 16 April 2017
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