Fox Glacier body, 2 March 2017

Any word on the body recovered from the Fox Glacier March 6th ?. Not in a crevasse, as such, but more likely churned up to the surface with glacier movement. Could have been lost for decades. ""Police could not confirm the person's identity until formal DNA analysis was completed. "It was the remains of a person not completely an intact body ... Whether we have the DNA on file or if it is somebody we didn't even know was missing, I don't know," she said. The tramper had initially believed a backpack was with the body. "Initial reports came in that there was a backpack but we didn't find one there.""

nothing else yet. If they identify the body, they need to track down and contact the next of kin first.

Identification of body found on Fox Glacier Wednesday, 15 March 2017 - 4:49pm Tasman The human remains found on Fox Glacier on March 2 have now been formally identified. They belong to Cynthia Charlton, a U.K national, who was one of seven people killed in a helicopter crash on the glacier in November 2015. Police have advised her family in the U.K.

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Started by Pro-active
On 15 March 2017
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