Robust Inflatable Sleeping Matt

Hey everyone, I've been using an Exped Synmat UL 7 for the last three years and I've had mixed experiences. Firstly, using it is an awesome nights sleep and for it's size is an absolute luxury to carry! Although, the durability is pretty suspect. I've had three holes and the baffles have exploded so there is a big bulge at my feet. When it comes to replacing the matt, I like the small size in my pack (can't go back to a foam roll matt) but want something more durable! Any recommendations!
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For the klymit users there is an upgrade
I know. I'll upgrade when mine stops being so freakin' awesome! ;)
I always trust that sleeping is the best thing in the world and I love my sleep which is why I have bought an <a=""> Inflatable Sleeping Matt </a> last month at very reasonable prices.
My UL Synmat lasted 7 years and then developed a bulge. I replaced it with a Sea-to-Summit mat which looks robuster, slightly more heavy and not as comfortable. I also didn't need a full length mat which is what I got. On the plus side, it's compatible with the 100g pillow I was gifted when I bought my S-2-S sleeping bag.
I bought my daughter this mat from Kiwi Camping at Christmas It is bulkier and heavier than my NeoAir. We have only used it a couple of times but it feels very sturdy and at just over $100 seemed really good value.
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Started by AntonyLowe
On 2 March 2017
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