Sources of dried ingredients: Hummus, Refried Bean

Anyone have sources of instant dried hummus, instant dried refried bean mix? While I'm at it, is the only source of freeze dried mince and egg powder in NZ those 160g packs from BCC? By the way, have had success so far with making my own cheese powder. Started with grated mozzarella from the supermarket, divided it and stapled in inside a couple of pouches made of handi towels, hung them in the kitchen where warm dry air from the wood burner wafts past. A shake every few days for a week till all of it rattled, then turned it to powder in the blender.
Refried Beans: Egg Powder: Not sure about dehy hummus. and The only dehy mince I know of is BCC
Thanks Keil, had already found the link to mexifoods, unfortunately the dried refried beans are out of stock, I did email them, no plan to restock. Not sure I could make use of 25kg of egg powder either.
Ahahaha i didnt see the 25kg part
It's a pity a tramping club couldn't buy the 25kg of egg powder and then people could buy some. I got given some one time and divided it up into small bags which I kept in the freezer (just in case). Though I prefer eating the free range eggs as I feel for those poor old chooks. Thank goodness there are recipes on the net explaining how to do the dried egg thing. I buy the instant dried hummus from Countdown. The brand is Casbah and they do felafel mix too.

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Started by Ian_H
On 7 October 2016
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