Back Country Cuisine - on SALE again.

It been about a year since we last had a sale on Back Country Cuisine, so till the end of the month we have a sale on Back Country Cuisine at RedMoose. Head to for some of these great meals :)

@RedMoose: I've ordered some of your meals but notice you don't sell 2 person serves of the Back Country cuisine so I've mainly ordered the Outdoor Gourmet stuff which will be a nice change, I hope.

Hi we do sell 1 person, 2 person and 5 person meal sizes, when you select the meal there is an option above the qty where you can select different meal sizes. If you have any issuseso then please feel free to message us as we are more than happy to help :)

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@RedMoose: thanks for that.

Usually has a sale on BCC for around $8 for a 2 serve and buy 4 and get 1 for free. Cheapest iv seen them. Only problem I have is they dont really offer as much cals as expected (around 1.3k) but you could top that up with other things

@Keil A Carpenter You will possibly find that when torpedo7 are selling them at that price they are clearing out old stock :(

Could be. But that's when a lot of us buy that less-than-desirable brand. But it could also be that as a large purchaser they get great deals. Happens in retail all the time. (And Moose, regardless of what they tell you, manufacturers don't tell the little guy what deals they're offering the big guys). However, when practicable, I like to support the small guy. So I'll take a look at your site and see what's what. :)

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Started by RedMoose
On 5 September 2016
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