Tuna sachets

Can't find the thread but someone was recommending tuna sachets. Found 'em in my local New World & annoyed all concerned by weighing the various options at the till. The sachets and john west small tins both weigh in at 125g so no weight savings by going with the sachet. The sachets are all flavoured and have 10-20% more total calories compared to unflavoured tins, but less than half of the total protein. Presumably that's because they contain less than half the fish & make the difference up with sugared sauces. Will be sticking to my 'no drain' tuna in olive oil tins, based on the above where I want fish, as when I carry that weight it's the protein i'm after.
That makes sense, Madpom. Thanks for doing the research. I've bought the sachets just for a change in flavours. I think the previous version of tuna sachet was a lot more concentrated in tuna than this iteration.
I buy them to and don't like that there is not much actual tuna in them. Why can't they just make a simple sachet with just tuna.
That the Sealord ones? Everyone's up in arms about them on Sealords Facebook page as SL admitted that the packets aren't recyclable unlike the tins.
Are you even sure its tuna A study a few years ago came to the conclusion that close to 60% of the fish in tuna cans is most probably Kahawai
Is kahawai more sustainable? If so, I'd prefer that.
It could be as often its a by catch of various net fishing methods that would of been dumped but the fact that it is caught that way in large quantities pretty much shows how unsustainable those methods are Look up purse seine fishing

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Started by madpom
On 31 March 2016
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