I need help choosing a tent.

Hi there, I am fairly new to the purchasing of tents and was wondering if someone could please help. I need a 2 person (or spacious 1 person tent) that is highly waterproof to withstand storms. I have been considering the Vaude Odyssee L2, but that is $500. I then found the Trimm X3, which has a 10000mm floor and 5000mm fly, and it is only $300. Is there more to waterproofing than just the hydrostatic head? Because the low price tag makes me very suspicious. I also need the tent to be multi-pitch so I can put it up in heavy rain. Any suggestions for other tents would be most welcome. Thanks.
you tend to get what you pay for, the difference in material and build quality... quality lightweight materials are expensive. you need less hydrostatic head on the fly, theres more pressure on the floor that requires a higher hh.
Hello. brad, i will suggest you go to online and search because there will you get varieties of tents according to your budgets. and otherwise you can search tracking tents.
I'd recommend the Wild Country Zephyros 2 Lite tent from these guys, there's also plenty of other lightweight options to consider there, but the above is good compromise between weight, space and $s. http://www.ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/equipment-c3/tents-shelters-c25/two-person-tents-c26 It's based on the Terra Nova Laser design which are lighter still and made in the UK, the Wild Country ones being made in China like most things these days. I had one before for 3 years nicked late last year, and have replaced it with same again. It also comes in a 1 man version, but the 2 lite is still under 1.6kg, packs down small, as oodles of space of 1 and just enough room for two at a push. It pitches outer first or altogether if you leave it joined up.

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Started by brad02
On 25 February 2016
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