multiday heli-hike/ backcountry hut

Hi Guys, I would like to ask for some local advice. I will be in NZ November-December, concentrating on the Fiordland area. After all the tramping, I would love to stay overnight in a remote backcountry hut. My plan/ vision is that a helicopter drops me off somewhere remote at a hut in the morning, then I do some walks around the area, I stay for the night and the next day the helicopter picks me up. Maybe I could combine the second day with some heli fishing as well.. I did some research, but I only found either multi-day walks in groups, or very expensive, luxury lodges... I would love to go on my own, and a basic hut would be enough for one night. Do you happen to know any company organising this kind of trip around Te Anau, Milford Sound or Queenstown? Would be thankful for any tips.
Any helicopter company that offers hunting or fishing charters will happily transport trampers if you have the money to pay them. These guys might suit you: If you're by yourself you'll be paying a couple of thousand dollars, so I hope you find what your after :)
the vast majority of remote huts virtually all on conservation land are available for you to use for a minimal hut fee. Helicopter activity is carefully regulated on conservation land and only a company with a concession will be able to land you at designated locations. Assuming you're not joining an existing tour, you are contracting the helicopter, and costs are generally proportional to the number of seats in the machine and to flying time so options close to helicopter bases are cheaper. Most conservation land, with remote huts in the queenstown, te anau, fiordland area, is national park where regulations are more rigourous. I'd contact the helicopter companies closest to the area and ask what they can offer. Then bring the options to this forum for comparison. Another option are hunting/fishing guides many of whom will organise a custom trip for you.
Hi Guys, Thank you for the tips, very much appreciated, great background info here. I will research both ways: enquiring by helicopter companies around the area (or maybe boat would be another option to reach such remote areas?), and also asking fishing/ hunting companies. I will let you know what I have found out. I've just started to read the forum here and all the knowledge of the people, great! Thank you guys!

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Started by Hikerhubarb
On 29 April 2015
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