Winter Sleeping bags

I feel it is time for a new winter sleeping bag, my kathmandu moonracker has lost much of its loft and my Fairydown Superlite is not warm enough over the colder months. So after suggestions on what bag to get? There seems to be a surplus of top quality and mediocre brands on the market now.
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These are same nice handbags, the channel pink baby bag would certainly look nice next to a Macpac pack, and the Jimmy Choo Dexter Sandals would be great for around camp. Getting away from Spam and back on topic, just been looking for a warmer bag for winter and Mountain Design seems to have a few bargains currently in their range. The equivalent bag from the likes of Macpac are $100+ more. The NZ stores basically share prices with their Australia counterparts, but only the currency changes so their gear is cheaper in NZ then in Aus. Anyway, I got a Mountain Design Dedos 730 for $322... It does not have a water resistant shells, but in same ways that is desirable because it would be faster drying in the unlikely cases it gets wet. Also, Biviouac has a great looking new bag in stock, its the Exped Ultralite 500 Down. Uses 840 loft down and retails for only $500 which is about what the equivalent Macpac would sell for on special... If I did not already own a perfectly fine summer weight bag I would be extremely tempted to get the Exped ultralite the first time its on special. Biv also has the ridiculous looking Exped Dreamwalker in stock... Imagine walking around in a dreamwalking with a Alexander Wang Black Rocco Mini Duffle bag hanging of your arm....
Hee Hee. Where's the like button! But 840 loft down would be awesome. I'm tempted...
We categorized all kinds of bags as per user and their need. If you are a working woman of multi facets and multi commitments; Like you are mother, working lady and a responsible house lady at the same time, then as a token of appreciation we recommend our compact, yet multi compartment bag sets.
Splashed out on a Sea-to-Summit Spark model which only weighs 800g and is rated for -8 degrees, but the amount I paid to keep me warm, safe and enabled to do particular trips earned a judgy comment from one of my colleagues apparently! Obviously no clue what's involved in going into the outdoors...
Light and up to the job has a value that can only be appreciated by those willing to pay. My winter bag has a similar rating 1 2/3 times the weight and quarter the price. My summer bag is bigger and heavier
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Started by militaris
On 5 May 2009
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